Rosie's Secret Garden

Rosies Secret Garden, is a business that was created by some friends of mine. Inspired by their cute little girl Rosie, Rene and Summar have built a business that truly reflects their love of children's fashion. I will add the link for their website here.

Naturally we had to do a collaboration!!!

I had all these ideas of how I wanted to do the setup and I spent days getting everything together. I drove around the streets of Ermington searching for a park with flat land and great lighting, that was close to the shop (for little girls bathroom breaks and of course ease of transport) and not directly in the way of dogs and picnic goers but still relatively close to our cars that I begged, borrowed and stole cars to transport everything.

Sound exhausting??? Thats not the half of it!! Ever tried doing a photoshoot with a two year old? Oh did I forget to mention that it just so happened to be the windiest day that I have ever experienced in my life time and Rosie (the two year old) really did not like it.

Of course in the spirit of doing a collaborative photoshoot we pushed ahead and began setting up. Rosie wasn't too happy to begin with but with the promise of food at the end of this she then lightened up a little and let us take some photos of her and we managed to get some very, very cute ones and a few half smiles.

In the photoshoot with the Chelsea dresser we decided to do a rustic look, keeping in mind that the theme for the shoot is 'Rosies Secret Garden" and that we needed to literally make it look like her garden. We used a vintage pram, vintage luggage pieces, an ornamental silver brushed rabbit, Marble look cake stands in medium and large, mint green vintage phone, vintage books, vintage baskets, a small topiary tree and cut glass decanters.

All the flowers that we used in the decanters, in the vintage pram and on top of the cake were all artificial. We chose to use dark red with a lot of eucalyptus soft pinks and sharp blues with some white roses to compliment the girly rustic garden look that we wanted. The choice to shoot this scene under the pine needle tree was intentional as I wanted this shoot to have a whimsical feel, where you could imagine Rosie wearing the clothing and using the props in her garden.

As the day continued the wind became stronger and eventually pushed over my antique look very large ornate gold mirror and while the frame itself was perfectly fine (thank goodness) the mirror was very broken. Of course Rosie was then terrified of the wind, she is so tiny the poor thing so its really no wonder why and we were becoming increasingly worried about her. In the end we wrapped her in a sheet (of course a vintage look piece of material that I just happen to keep in the back of the car) and we gave her some watermelon and crackers and she was almost back to being herself but there was absolutely no hope of any further modelling.

From the collection Rosie was wearing the powder blue linen dress from Rosies Secret Garden this dress and all other items of clothing (besides the hats) can be found on the Rosies Secret Garden website which I will link here.

If you wish to see more scenes from the shoot then please stay tuned as we will be posting another blog shortly.

Many Thanks,


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